‘Game Of Thrones’ S6 will feature ‘biggest battle yet’

New series of hit show returns on April 24

The upcoming sixth series of Game Of Thrones will feature the biggest battle scene in the show’s history.

Writer-producer Bryan Cogman told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect a “proper battle” in one of the new episodes. Game Of Thrones has made its name with impressive set-pieces, including Season 5’s ‘Hardhome’ which saw an undead army swarming a seaside outpost.

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“It’s definitely the biggest [action sequence yet],” Cogman said. “We’ve always wanted to get to a place – story-wise and budget-wise and time-wise and resource-wise – where we would be able to do a proper battle, with one army on one side, one army on another side.”

‘Hardhome’ director Miguel Sapochnik will return for the episode. “Miguel did such a fantastic job with ‘Hardhome’ we thought we should bring him back – this time with horses,” Benioff said. “Horses are not easy, at all. And certainly in terms of numbers – number of extras, number of stuntmen, number of shooting days – it’s the biggest we’ve done.”

With the show set to return to screens in the US and UK on April 24, fans are split between avoiding spoilers and actively trying to work out what the new episodes will bring. A number of spoilers have leaked ahead of S6, most recently when Ian McShane talked about the fate of his character after joining the cast for the new episodes.

McShane is not the only cast member to give away secrets this year. Sophie Turner revealed that her character Sansa Stark won’t be killed off in the series while Emilia Clarke may have revealed the fate of character Jon Snow at a recent awards ceremony.