‘Game Of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke writes superhero comic about human trafficker-fighting feminist

The lead character's superpowers are activated by her menstrual cycle

Emilia Clarke has shared details of her new “genre-bending” comic book project.

The three-part series, titled M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, was written by the Game Of Thrones actress alongside Marguerite Bennett. The series will centre around a singer called Maya, who grows to learn that she possesses superpowers, and her decision to deploy those abilities to fight human traffickers.

Clarke explained the story’s premise to Entertainment Weekly, saying that it contains “a lot of silliness” combined with feminist narratives “explored in an extreme genre-bending atmosphere”.


“We’re always calling mothers superheroes, and I’m like, what if they were?” she said. “What if they legitimately were superheroes?”

Elaborating on the lead character, whose unconfirmed powers are activated by her menstrual cycle, Clarke continued: “Maya has had a very hard life, and she finds herself in a place where everything that makes her unique, she hates and is ashamed about. It’s only in the discovery of her powers that she finds her true acceptance of who she is.

“She can do all of these wicked things, but they all come from the fact that she is a woman who has a menstrual cycle. I thought it would be cool to have all the things that women don’t like about themselves, flip that, and make those the things that make her superhuman.”

Emilia Clarke M.O.M. Mother of Madness
The cover of Emilia Clarke’s comic ‘M.O.M.: Mother of Madness’. CREDIT: Image Comics

Clarke said she wanted her young readers to see that women can be powerful and “fallible” all at once. “Obviously, you’re seeing that a lot in the industry; you’ve got all of these incredibly empowering female shows. But I just felt like I hadn’t seen it in this genre,” she said.

“I think back to my younger self and I think, if I was allowed in that comic book store, and I got to see a version that I felt like I could relate to on some level, I would have been absolutely in.


“It’s a very personal experience that everyone has with comics. These are characters that people are passionate about, and care about deeply, and relate to. I wanted to throw a new character into the mix, and see if people related to her in a way that was impactful to them.”

M.O.M.: Mother of Madness‘ first issue is released on July 21.

Earlier this week (April 20) it was reported that Clarke is in final talks to join Marvel’s Secret Invasion. 

According to Variety, the actress is set to join the cast of the upcoming television series alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.