‘Game Of Thrones’ star predicts which characters will get married

Sansa actress Sophie Turner gives some insight

Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has predicted who she thinks will marry during the final two seasons of the show.

It was recently confirmed that the hit fantasy series will end after two more seasons and just 13 new episodes.

Speaking in an interview with Variety, Turner – who plays Sansa in the show – was asked about the fan theory that her character will marry Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), who was previously thought to be her half-brother.

“Oh my god, really? I haven’t actually heard that,” Turner responded. “Stranger things on Game of Thrones have happened… Maybe politically, it makes sense, I honestly don’t know how I would feel about that, I’d have to speak to the producers about that one.”

She went on to add: “I feel like Jon and Sansa would be a strange one, especially because isn’t it considered not legitimate if you haven’t consummated the marriage, and I really don’t think either of them would be particularly up for that. It would be very difficult to do that.”


The final episode of the show’s sixth season appeared to reveal Jon Snow’s true parentage and that he is in fact the nephew of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke).

This might not stop Jon and Daenerys getting together themselves however, Turner says. “Honestly, what I think is going to happen – and I don’t know where the story is going to go, but I think Jon and Daenerys are going to end up together, probably,” she said.

In the same interview, Turner also dismissed the fan theory that Sansa is pregnant.