‘Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner explains Sansa Stark’s “satisfying” ending

"She never wanted to rule over that many people…"

Sophie Turner has addressed the conclusion to her character’s story in Game of Thrones.

The actress, 23, believes Sansa Stark received “the most satisfying ending” of anyone on the show after re-establishing the North as an independent kingdom – and her serving as its de facto leader.

“Since she got to King’s Landing in season one, [Sansa] never wanted that Iron Throne,” Turner told Entertainment Tonight.


“She never wanted to rule over that many people… I think, watching how this character finished on Game of Thrones was the most satisfying ending.”

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones season 6
Sansa Stark

Cast your mind back to Season 1 and it was a very different story for Sansa who was in line to become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms alongside her husband-to-be, Joffrey Baratheon. By the end of Season 8 – and this past weekend’s finale ‘The Iron Throne’ – Sansa rejects the chance to rule Westeros, instead supporting the decision to install her younger brother, Bran, on the throne.

Sansa’s big decision to demand that the North becomes an independent state again with her as its queen in Winterfell was in the end a fitting conclusion for a character inextricably wedded to their home.

“I love the way that Sansa’s journey ended,” Turner continued. “I think it was kind of the one thing that she wanted throughout the whole show… to be home and to be where she felt most safe and comfortable and that’s Winterfell. She’s totally capable of leading those people.”


Elsewhere, Turner has labelled a petition calling for Season 8 to be remade “disrespectful”.