‘Game Of Thrones’ writers originally planned for this dead character to survive until the very end of the show

Instead, they only made it to the third episode of season 8

The writers of Game Of Thrones have revealed they originally planned to keep one of the show’s long-dead characters alive until the very end of the series.

Ser Jorah Mormont (played by Iain Glen) survived until episode three of the final season, when he was killed off during the Battle Of Winterfell.

According to Dave Hill, one of Game Of Thrones’ writing team, Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) companion was first intended to be at The Wall with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) when the programme finished. “For a long time, we wanted Ser Jorah to be there at The Wall in the end,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “The three coming out of the tunnel would be Jon and Jorah and Tormund.”

He went on to explain that keeping Jorah alive until that point would have been tricky to write. “The amount of logic we’d have to bend to get Jorah up to The Wall and get him to leave Dany’s side right before [what happens in the finale]… there’s no way to do that blithely,” he said.

Hill added: “And Jorah should have the noble death he craves defending the woman he loves.”

Meanwhile, HBO president Casey Bloys has defended the pacing of the final season of Game Of Thrones after fans have expressed their disappointment in the last batch of episodes. Over 1.5 million viewers have signed a petition calling on the network to remake the eighth season with new writers.

“File this under you can’t please everybody,” Bloys said. “The guys have had a very, very specific plan in their head for a long time. This was not something that was kind of slapdash, where at the end of last season we said, ‘Eh, we only feel like doing six’.”