‘Game Of Thrones” Sophie Turner has a sideline as a sausage reviewer on Instagram

She's "passionate bout the saus"

Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner has an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing sausages.

The actor plays Sansa Stark in the hit HBO series and recently wrapped filming on the show’s final season, which is due to air in 2019.

Now, it has been revealed that Turner has an unexpected hobby to fill her time when not on set. Buzzfeed discovered the star’s sausage-centric Instagram account, whose handle is @SophiesSausageReviews.


Turner has been reviewing sausages on the platform since April and has shared her thoughts on sausages and sausage-based dishes from London, Los Angeles and North Carolina so far. Her bio reads: “Passionate Bout The Saus.”

In her first review, posted on April 4, Turner reviewed a Cumberland sausage from Heathrow Airport, calling it “juicy on the bite” and “around the size of my middle finger.” See some of her reviews so far above.


Turner isn’t the only star to have gotten into the Instagram food-reviewing game. Last year, Lorde admitted she had a secret Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings. However, she took the account down once it was discovered by the public.

Meanwhile, the actor recently revealed she regretted sharing her new Game Of Thrones tattoo. A photo of her new ink of a direwolf and the words “The pack survives” made their way onto Instagram and caused speculation it was a spoiler for the fate of the Starks in the show’s final season.

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