Cast of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ thought James Corden’s call to return was a scam

It took Corden a lot of calling to convince the cast

Nearly a decade after the last episode of Gavin & Stacey aired, the gang is getting back together for the holiday season – but they almost didn’t, as most of the actors thought James Corden‘s call was a scam.

Jason, Gwen, Stacey – they all ignored the calls. Rob Wilfort, who plays Stacey’s brother Jason, completely dismissed the invitation to reunite. “I got this call from Los Angeles, it was James [Corden] but I thought it was a scam, like the Nigerian prince trick or something,” he told press at a recent Q&A.

It’s been some time since they’ve all been back together – Corden has since developed his own late night talk show, and has starred in Into the WoodsPeter Rabbit and the upcoming reboot of Cats.


Corden teamed up with co-star and the show’s co-creator Ruth Jones to write the script for the special, and approached the cast once the BBC gave them the green light.

It wasn’t just Wilfort who couldn’t believe it – Melanie Walters, best known as Stacey’s mum Gwen, didn’t take the reach-out seriously.

“James texted me,” Walters said. “And the way he phrased the text was: “It’s James Corden here Mel, you may remember me”. I just thought I was being trolled. I just completely ignored it.

“Then he rang and it was a weird number, and so I completely ignored it again. It was around the fourth time, he actually left a voicemail, and I finally realised it was him.”


The whole cast showed nerves ahead of the reunion, including Stacey herself, Joanna Page, who admitted she’s hard to reach at the best of times. “Ruth just got in touch with me on every form of social media, email, message, everything,” she said. “And I’m not very good at getting back in touch with people, I’m absolutely terrible. So I didn’t respond for a bit because I was busy with the kids.”

Alison Steadman, known for her role as Gavin’s mum Pam, looked up clips of herself in character to remember how to play the part, to “make sure [she] got her right.”

Gavin and Stacey
Gavin and Stacey. Credit: BBC

The first trailer for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special was released last week, ahead of the airing of the one-hour event on Christmas Day. Corden and Jones shared their gratitude in a statement: “We’ve loved revisiting Barry and Essex again and bringing the characters back together has been a joy.

We’re so excited to get the chance to work with our fabulous cast and crew once more and to give fans of the show a festive treat this Christmas. Thank you BBC for helping to make this happen.”

Last weekend, the first trailer for the one-off special arrived. 

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