‘Gavin and Stacey’s Larry Lamb is “more or less certain” there’s more episodes to come

"It's a question of when, not if"

Gavin and Stacey actor Larry Lamb has confirmed the likelihood of more episodes reaching audiences soon, following success of the 2019 Christmas special.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Lamb said such a warm response meant “you can more or less be certain that, sooner or later, there will be more.”

The actor, who plays Gavin’s father Mick Shipman on the show, then stressed the practical difficulties though, ruling out any immediate movement. “The problem is, logistically, it’s a bloody nightmare as so many people involved have very active careers,” Lamb said.


“But I imagine there will be another special. It won’t be any time soon though, that’s for sure as it has to be written first. I’m sure the BBC can persuade Ruth and James to write more, so it’s a question of when not if.”

Lamb then suggested his own idea for further Gavin and Stacey content, in the shape of a feature-length project. “I’ve always thought a logical thing to do would be a Gavin and Stacey movie, but that’s just my idea,” he said.

He added: “James and Ruth are big enough to carry a movie now. But as an actor, you’re often the last to know.”

In a positive review of the Christmas special, NME said: “Corden and Jones have crafted a near-perfect celebration of everything that made the show so great in the first place.”

Elsewhere, Lamb’s co-star and onscreen wife Alison Steadman is hosting a Gavin and Stacey-themed virtual quiz this Thursday, to raise money for Marie Curie UK.