‘Gavin & Stacey”s Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon reunite in sitcom

Gaynor and Ray are taking to the road

A one-off sitcom that reunites Gavin & Stacey stars Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon has been announced.

The BBC episode, called Gaynor And Ray, follows a couple of 50-somethings as they embark on a trip from Cardiff to the Scottish Highlands for their honeymoon.

It is co-written by Jones with her husband David Peet. The pair formerly collaborated together on Jones’ show Stella.


“We’re delighted to watch Gaynor And Ray come to life on screen,” the couple said at the Edinburgh TV Festival, where the project was announced.

They also revealed some details about the story, in which the newlyweds “take on life and relationships as well as the nonsense in the day-to-day”.

According to the BBC’s synopsis of the 35-minute episode, Jones’ Cardiff-based Gaynor’s marriage to Ray is her second after she left her first husband for cheating multiple times. Ray’s first marriage also came to end after his ex-wife said he was “impossible to live with”.

It continued: “Having only met six months ago, there are many things – not all of them endearing – that this couple keeps discovering about each other, often begging the question have they done the right thing?”

An air date for the episode is yet to be announced.


In April, Brydon addressed the future of Gavin & Stacey on his podcast Brydon & while in conversation with his former co-star Sheridan Smith.

“I think they might do one more special,” he added. “But they should crack on if they are going to do it.”

In May, the show’s co-creator James Corden confirmed that it hadn’t been written off completely.

“As it stands there aren’t any plans to do more, but that’s not to say that there isn’t the want or the inclination to do one,” he told Zoe Ball on Radio 2.

He continued: “When we wrote that last special we never thought whether we’d make another, but that special ends on such a…it ends so open I think it would be a shame to leave it there.

“That’s certainly my feeling and I think Ruth feels the same. It doesn’t feel like the end of a book but the end of a chapter. If we did another that would be the end of it.”

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