George Michael fans and Andrew Ridgeley slam Channel 5’s ‘mucky’ documentary

Viewers accused the documentary of being 'trash', 'disrespectful' and even 'homophobic'.

George Michael fans voiced their disapproval on Twitter last night after Channel 5 aired a documentary purporting to explore his “last days”.

Andrew Ridgeley, who paid tribute to his late Wham! bandmate at last month’s Brit Awards, was among those to call out the documentary’s insensitive timing.

Ridgeley tweeted at Channel 5: “2 conceive such a sensationalist & mucky piece of voyeurism may be par 4 the course for u, the decision to air b4 GM’s funeral is insensitive, contemptuous & reprehensible. U might have the had decency 2 schedule post funeral & after a respectful period.”

Other fans branded the documentary “disrespectful’, “trash” and even “homophobic”, pointing out that it featured contributions from tabloid journalists rather than anyone who was actually closely associated with the singer.

At the time of writing, the documentary is not available to watch on Channel 5’s online catch-up service. Viewers who try to stream it there are greeted with a 404 page.

Spice Girls star Geri Horner, a close friend of the late singer-songwriter, recently broke down while talking about him on TV’s This Morning.

“I absolutely loved him. When I left The Spice Girls, he took me under his wing. He was such a lovely person,” she said, adding: “When you know a human being, he says it how it is, he was very mentoring. He’d tell me when I was rubbish, tell me when I was good. He was quite normal.”