George R.R. Martin has revealed three big shocks to Game of Thrones producers

The fantasy creator has spilled the beans - including a shock that will come right "at the very end"

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin has told the show’s producers that there will be a “holy shit moment” right at the very end of the series.

Martin, who works closely with David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the showrunners of the hit HBO show, reportedly laid out his vision for how the fantasy saga would end to the two producers in his Santa Fe residence two years ago.

And now Benioff and Weiss have divulged further on that conversation, telling Entertainment Weekly that Martin’s revelations included “three holy shit moments.”

While two of these moments have already occurred – the first being Stannis Barathon’s sacrifice of his daughter in the fifth season, while the second has now come with the revelation of Hodor’s origin story – the final shocking moment will occur, according to Benioff, right at “the very end.”


While this was the only tease regarding when that final “holy shit” moment would happen, they producing pair did speak on the challenge of making the show in tandem with the narrative of Martin’s already-published novels.

“People are talking about whether the books are going to be spoiled – and it’s really not true,” Benioff said. “So much of what we’re doing diverges from the books at this point. And while there are certain key elements that will be the same, we’re not going to talk so much about that – and I don’t think George is either. People are going to be very surprised when they read the books after the show. They’re quite divergent in so many respects for the remainder of the show.”

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