“You get a little deeper” – Marc Maron on what to expect from ‘Glow’ season 3

"You get a little deeper into these characters’ lives"

Marc Maron has spoken of how the upcoming third season of Glow will show fans a more “intimate” portrait of the characters.

The second series of the acclaimed Netflix comedy based around a group of amateur female wrestlers landed on the streaming platform last year. Back in the summer, it was confirmed that Glow had been renewed for a third season.

Now Marc Maron, who plays Sam Sylvia, has told NME about the direction the show is set to take.

“The third season is pretty cool,” Maron told NME. “It all takes place in Vegas where we’ve moved the show. My character, because he hasn’t had a lot to do, is off doing other things. He’s trying to change himself a little bit in a surprising way and then the relationship unfolds between me and my daughter.

“You sort of get to know the characters a little more intimately because there’s a lot more time away from the ring – but we’re in Vegas where a lot of different things are happening. It opens the show up that way. You get a little deeper into these characters’ lives and I think it’s going to be real good.”

Speaking to Digital Spy about the new season, show creator Carly Mensch said that Vegas won’t be portrayed as “a purely optimistic place”.

“It’s a place that, at least for us, makes our hair go up on our arms as in, ‘Oh no, what’s going to happen there?’,” she said. “It’s a place that makes us deeply, deeply uncomfortable and that was exciting for us to take the story, and the women, there to see what happens.”

Glow is expected to debut on Netflix in summer 2019.

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