‘Girls’ stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke appear in Photoshop-free underwear campaign

Photos aim to 'help women feel liberated'

Girls stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke have appeared in a new ad campaign for a New Zealand lingerie brand, which sees the pair pose for Photoshop-free photos.

Dunham and Kirke have teamed up with the company Lonely, appearing in their underwear for an unretouched photo shoot.

According to the company, the campaign “aspires to showcase women wearing underwear in a way that we usually don’t see in mainstream advertising and the media”.

“Instead of being objectified, the women who participate in these campaigns – in this case, Lena and Jemima – are empowered and exhibit real beauty that will hopefully help women everywhere feel a little more liberated”.

See the pictures beneath.

NMEZara Mirkin
NMEZara Mirkin

Earlier this year, Dunham said that she is “done” with photos of her being retouched following a row with Spanish magazine El Pais.

Writing in an essay for her newsletter, Lenny Letter, the writer/actress said: “The gap between what I believe and what I allow to be done to my image has to close now. If that means no more fashion-magazine covers, so be it. I respect the people who create those magazines and the job they have to do. I thank them for letting me make a few appearances and for making me feel gorgeous along the way. But I bid farewell to an era when my body was fair game.”

Dunham concluded: “This body is the only one I have. I love it for what it’s given me. I hate it for what it’s denied me. And now, without further ado, I want to be able to pick my own thigh out of a lineup.”

Her comments followed a row with the Spanish magazine during which Dunham accused the publication of retouching an image of her. “This is NOT what my body has ever looked like or will ever look like,” she commented on Instagram. The magazine denied her claims, saying the image was sent to them like that.