‘Glee’ regulars all returning next year

Ryan Murphy confirms that all the main cast will be back for series four

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that all of the regular cast will remain on the show.

With next week’s third series finale seeing a number of seniors graduate from McKinley High, there had been speculation that there could be big changes to the cast next year.

But Murphy has now revealed that everybody will be back in some form, despite no longer being in high school. He told Vulture: “We had a meeting, and you know we’ve become like a family, and I said to them, ‘Anybody who wants to stay on the show will stay on the show. They’re all coming back. Anyone who is a regular is coming back. Everyone said yes.”


He added that not all of the cast would necessarily appear in the full season. “It doesn’t mean everyone will be doing 22 episodes, but everyone wants to stay in our family and our world. I wanted to make sure those actors know that if they want to have a home, they have a home. If they want to explore new and different things while also having a home, that is also an option.”

He also clarified the meaning of tweets by cast members Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) which suggested that they would be leaving: “A lot of people have been writing Dianna’s off the show, Amber’s off the show – they’re not off the show. I think Amber was talking about that bittersweet feeling of, ‘I’ll never be in the choir room with that exact group of people’. At least that’s what she told me. When I read that [tweet] I said, ‘I think people are going to misconstrue that’. She’s excited about where her character is going. They all are. I wanted to do the right thing by all of them.”

It has already been confirmed that the fourth season will follow the adventures of Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) in New York, as well as the action at McKinley.