‘Godzilla 2’ monsters unveiled at Comic-Con

Gareth Edwards will return to direct face off with Rodan, Mothra and Ghidora

Legendary Pictures teased a trio of monsters for Godzilla 2 at San Diego’s Comic-Com. Old foe Rodan, Mothra and Ghidora are set to face off with the lizard king with Gareth Edwards returning to the director’s chair.

Fans at Comic-Con’s Hall H were shown a teaser reel titled ‘Classified Monarch Footage’ which appeared as if put together in the ’60s with a voiceover from then President John F Kennedy talking about the threats and dangers to humanity.

After informing us that there was one more secret, a message appears on screen: “There were others.”
Across the shadow of pterodactyl appears the legend: “CODENAME: RODAN”. Following this, an extreme close-up of a giant moth-like creature: “CODENAME MOTHRA”. Finally a silhouette with flashed edit cuts around the figure of a dragon: “CODENAME: GHIDORAH”.
The footage closes with the warning, “THREAT ASSESSMENT: CONFLICT INEVITABLE” before ending with, “LET THEM FIGHT”.

The first film starred Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as the scientist with a conspiracy theory who uncovers the truth behind an ‘accident’ at his nuclear power plant. The film also starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass) and Elizabeth Olsen (Oldboy) and has currently taken £289m at the worldwide box office.

Gareth Edwards is busy in pre-production for an as yet untitled instalment in the expanded Star Wars franchise that currently has no release date. After an early career in visual effects Edwards made his name with 2010 breakout hit Monsters.