Greta Thunberg changes Twitter name to ‘Sharon’ following ‘Celebrity Mastermind’ fail

"We don't deserve Greta Thunberg or Sharon"

Greta Thunberg has changed her Twitter name after a contestant on Celebrity Mastermind wrongfully called her Sharon when answering a question.

Casualty actress Amanda Henderson appeared on a recent special edition of the iconic BBC quiz show alongside Chuckle Brother Paul Chuckle, celebrity chef Levi Roots, and comedian Geoff Norcott.

While she aced her specialist subject (songs from animated Disney films spanning 1989-1999, getting eight answers out of nine correct on questions about Mulan, The Lion King and Hercules) she didn’t do too well when it came to the General Knowledge round.


John Humphrys asked the actress: “The 2019 book entitled No-one is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?”

The answer is Greta Thunberg, however Henderson answered: “Sharon.”

In response to the hilarious blunder, which went viral on social media, the climate change activist, who turned 17 today (Jan 3), changed her Twitter name from Greta Thunberg to ‘Sharon’.

“We’re three days into 2020. trump ordered an air strike on iran’s military commander, australia is on fire, and greta thunberg has changed her name on twitter to sharon because robyn from bbc casualty didn’t know who she was. what the hell is this year?” one Twitter user wrote, responding to the change.

BBC Front Row presenter Stig Abell added: “That Sharon Thunberg has got great Twitter game.”


Another user wrote: “I can’t wait for Sharon Thunberg to be the prime minister of Sweden & officially change the national anthem to La Voix.”

See more responses below:

The episode of Celebrity Mastermind featuring Amanda Henderson was initially set to air December 28 and has been on iPlayer since then, but aired on BBC One on January 2.

Meanwhile, Patti Smith has shared a poem wishing Greta Thunberg a happy birthday as the environmental activist turns 17.

Taking to Instagram to share her birthday wishes, Smith posted a photograph of Thunberg in a pink jumper accompanied by a short poem.