Halsey blames Gerard Way after being called out by fans of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The 'Without Me' singer found herself in hot water with fans of the hit Netflix show after tweeting about Luther

Halsey has blamed Gerard Way after coming under fire from fans of his hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

Taking to Twitter to empathise with the show’s character Luther and question why viewers had been so harsh to him, it was apparent at this point that the 24-year-old singer had not watched the entire series. If she had, she would have realised why fans were quick to call her out for her opinion.

“Me: Why are you guys so mean about Luther?” she tweeted. “His father sent him on a suicide mission to DIE and he had his whole body transformed into something he rejects and now he feels alone, unwanted, and dysphoric. He feels literally inhuman.”


She then added: “You guys: Ape man !!!!”

Inundated with responses from fans of The Umbrella Academy, which has now been renewed for a second season, Halsey found herself arguing with fellow viewers who disagreed with her initial tweet.

There was even a response to someone who told her to “FUCK OFF HALSEY YOU KNOW WHY WE HATE HIM.”


The penny finally dropped as to why fans were being so passionate on the subject of Luther when Halsey watched the last couple of episodes.

Backtracking on her original opinion she revealed she finally understood where everyone was coming from.

“Ohhhhh. I just finished UA,” she said. “Now I know why u guys hate Luther hahahaha.” She continued: “UA fandom coming for me because I had a moment of empathy before finishing all the episodes. IM SORRY LOLLLL.”

After apologising, Halsey jokingly laid the blame on the show’s creator and fellow musician Gerard Way, tweeting: “I can’t believe I’ve been arguing with a comic book fandom on Twitter all day this is Gerard Way’s fault.”

Last month, Gerard Way admitted that members of My Chemical Romance inspired characters in The Umbrella Academy. “A band especially is a dysfunctional family” he explained. “So there’s little bits of me in all the characters, there’s bits of some of the guys in some of those characters and the different roles that we would play in the band and how those roles would change sometimes.”