Han So-hee talks potential second season of ‘My Name’

**Spoilers for 'My Name' below**

My Name actress Han So-hee has shared her thoughts on a potential sequel to Netflix Korea’s latest hit series.

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, the 26-year-old actress talked about preparing for her role as Ji-woo, and what a second season of My Name would look like. “I think I’d die,” Han joked when asked about a potential sequel, as translated by Soompi. “I don’t know what I have left to show. I think I’d have to develop superpowers.”

However, the actress went on to share her thoughts on possible storylines. “Since she found out that her father was a police officer, wouldn’t there be more story to her relationship with Cha Gi-ho?,” she mused.


Her character, Ji-woo, had spent most of the series believing that the narcotics leader Cha was responsible for her father’s death, when in reality, he had been a close friend and co-worker of his.

Elsewhere in the interview, Han also revealed she had been a stranger to exercise prior to filming the action-packed series as she went on to talk about the action and stunts her role had demanded. “It was quite sudden. I wasn’t looking for an action genre project specifically, but I always wanted to do a script in which a female character led the project by herself,” Han shared, explaining how she had wound up taking on such an action-packed role.

“There were big and small injuries while preparing for the role. I got cut up a lot, but there were no big accidents,” she added. “I did get hurt, but that was what allowed me to endure. While filming, cuts, scrapes, and bruises weren’t a big deal. The stunt actors got just as cut up as I did, so I was able to move on.”

Last week, My Name director Kim Jin-min expressed his gratitude to Squid Game for putting Korean content on the map for international viewers. “I might have to thank Squid Game for focusing international attention on Korean content,” he said in an interview with The Korea Herald.

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