Handmaid’s Tale writer teases season finale

"Our audience will see things and confrontations they have been hoping for"

Writer and producer of The Handmaid’s Tale, Eric Tuchman, has hinted at how the season finale of the hit show may end.

  • Warning: major season 2 spoilers ahead!

Last week’s penultimate episode, ‘Postpartum’ shocked audiences in the US with the execution of one of series most controversial characters, Eden (played by Sydney Sweeney).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tuchman described the death as “impactful” and “horribly beautiful.”


“First of all, it’s a character that seems to be really polarising for the audience…she seemed like such a pious and true believer, and as it turns out, it’s those very qualities that get Eden in trouble.”

He added: “She’s really one of the most honest people in this whole community. I find her death obviously really tragic, but it’s horribly beautiful in a way, too.”

He went on to say that Eden’s death may serve a purpose in the finale, teasing more about its significance: “Eden’s execution really galvanises Offred.”

“It triggers some very strong reactions and actions from her and, as a result, our other characters.”


Tuchman said he hoped the finale would be “a very surprising, powerful and emotional experience” for viewers, adding: “Our audience will see things and confrontations they have been hoping for.”

The cast of The Handmaid’s Tale – Credit: Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty

With season 1 ending where the Margaret Atwood’s book ended, the new episodes have told a new part of the story, with Atwood being heavily involved in the process of writing the episodes.

Producer Bruce Miller told to The Hollywood Reporter last year that he was working closely with Atwood because “we don’t have a text that was written stating specifically what happens next”.

He also described how Atwood has been thinking about plot progressions since she wrote the novel in 1985.

“There are things Margaret thought about a lot because over the years, and that’s one of the biggest questions she’s been asked, is what happens next to these characters.”

The season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale will be shown on Channel 4 on August 5.