Hannibal Buress has set cut at Catholic university after making child molestation joke

Comedian also called out the organisers' attempts to censor his material

Hannibal Buress had his microphone cut during a comedy set at a Catholic university after he made a joke about the Catholic church’s history of child molestation allegations.

Buress performed at Loyola University Chicago on Saturday night (March 17). Earlier in the day, the comedian had tweeted: “Loyola tonight… it’s St Patrick’s day. This might be interesting.”

According to attendees, Buress opened the show by projecting an email he allegedly received from the university, which asked him to refrain from swearing or performing material that referenced topics like drug use, race, gender, sexual orientation or sexual assault.

“Bitch ass old people, I can project,” Buress reportedly said, before adding: “Y’all fuck kids, right?”

Reports suggest that Buress’ microphone was cut less than five minutes into his set but that he was allowed to return to the stage after a 15 minute interval.

A few days after the show, Buress tweeted: “Yeah I agreed to the content restrictions for the Loyola. Who hasn’t lied at a job interview before?? Why is no one talking about the fact that we played 3 hours of Whirlyball after the show??”. See his tweet in full below.


NME has approached both Hannibal Buress and Loyola University Chicago for further comment.

Last December, Buress was arrested for “disorderly intoxication” after he alleged asked a police officer to call him an Uber.

The star was released on a $500 bond. He responded to the reports by tweeting a link to Clipse’s 2009 track with Pharrell Williams, ‘I’m Good’.