HBO rules out direct ‘Game of Thrones’ sequels and character returns

Nope, the further adventures of Arya ain't happening...

HBO has ruled out the prospect of Game of Thrones returning for any direct sequels or spin-offs featuring some of the show’s most popular characters.

The fantasy epic drew to a conclusion on Sunday night with an ending that proved particularly divisive among passionate fans.

And while a prequel set 200 years before the show began is currently in pre-production, it seems that we’ve definitely seen the last of the faces that defined Westeros over eight explosive seasons.


That’s according to HBO’s programming President Casey Bloys, who stressed the need for the show to exist in its own right.

“Part of it is, I do want this show — this Game of Thrones, [D.B. Weiss and David Beinoff]’s show — to be its own thing,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

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“I don’t want to take characters from this world that they did beautifully and put them off into another world with someone else creating it. I want to let it be the artistic piece they’ve got. That’s one of reasons why I’m not trying to do the same show over. George [R.R. Martin] has [a] massive, massive world; there are so many ways in. That’s why we’re trying to do things that feel distinct — and to not try and re-do the same show. That’s probably one of the reasons why, right now, a sequel or picking up any of the other characters doesn’t make sense for us.”

Bloys also confirmed that the prequel will begin development in June, alongside two separate Thrones shows.


This comes after a petition to remake the final series was signed by one million fans who have taken issue with the show’s more controversial plot twists – including the decision to turn Daenerys Targaryen into a tyrannical ruler.

Responding to the petition, star Sophie Turner branded it “disrespectful” and hailed the effort’s of the show’s cast and crew for bringing George RR Martin’s vision to life.