Hear a stirring piano version of Guns N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ in new ‘Westworld’ trailer

It serves as a real suspense builder

A cover of Guns N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ is featured in the latest trailer for the forthcoming third series of HBO’s Westworld.

The piano rendition is by Ramin Djawadi, a German-Iranian composer whose credits also include Iron Man and Game Of Thrones.

In the clip, the hook from Guns N’ Roses’ classic tune helps build suspense for the new installment, which sees Thandie Newton’s character Maeve enter a new world set during World War II.


Djawadi’s Westworld soundtrack continues the show’s habit of interpolating songs from popular music.

In past episodes, covers of songs by Radiohead and Soundgarden have been performed on a saloon-bar piano. An orchestral version of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’ has also featured.

Returning cast members for Season 3 include Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Thandie Newton as Maeve, Ed Harris as Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs, Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore, and Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton.

A cryptic teaser was released last month, which lists several global “divergences” including real-life events such as political protests in Hong Kong and the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the United States.


“For the first time, history has an author, a system,” a voiceover says in the clip. “And up until very recently, the system was working. But there’s someone we haven’t accounted for: You.”

The third season of Westworld premieres on HBO on Sunday, March 15.