‘Hellbound’, ‘Train To Busan’ director wants to create a shared universe for his works

"I think it is a difficult dream to accomplish"

Yeon Sang-ho, director of Hellbound and Train To Busan, has revealed his goals to create a shared universe for his body of work.

During a recent interview with The Korea Herald, Yeon spoke about his plan to gather the various characters and settings of his work so far into a single shared universe. Some of his more popular works include the hit 2016 action film Train To Busan, 2018’s Psychokinesis and the recent Netflix series Hellbound. 

“I have always imagined creating a complete package, similar to Stephen King’s imaginary world Castle Rock,” he noted. Castle Rock is a fictional town created by King, which acts as a shared setting for a number of his novels and short stories, including The Dead Zone and The Body. 


However, Yeon also admitted that his ambition to create a single universe for his body of work would ultimately be a challenge to achieve. “Because my works are created and published by different networks and production companies, I think it is a difficult dream to accomplish,” he said.

Elsewhere during the interview, Yeon also touched on his inspiration for Hellbound. “I became extremely curious about how the word ‘hell’ was created in the first place,” he explained. “On what kinds of experiences did our ancestors go through to come up with this word even though nobody saw what hell is like.”

Hellbound has officially become the most-watched series on Netflix for the week ending November 21, after racking up a total of over 43million “hours viewed” on the streaming platform in its first three days of release. The series premiered on November 19.

The series bested other popular releases such as Squid Game (30million), the League Of Legends animated series Arcane (38million) and the second season of Tiger King (30million).