Here’s a first look at Stephen King’s new TV series ‘Lisey’s Story’

The new show arrives in June

Some first look images from Stephen King’s new Apple TV+ series Lisey’s Story have been shared.

The new series, which debuts via Apple TV+ on June 4, tells the love story of Lisey and Scott Landon. Based on King’s 2006 novel, the show has also been described as a “supernatural thriller” and stars Julianne Moore and Clive Owen.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, King said of the new series: “I wanted to say something about marriage, about long marriage, and about celebrity and about the side of lives that are public and the sides of lives that are private – and the door between those two worlds.”


He added: “It’s not a simple story. It’s not a to b to c. You hope that the audience will understand that there are secrets here – there are really big secrets – and hope they’ll stick with the show, find those things, and unravel them.

“I think everything becomes clear fairly soon.”

You can see a first look photo from the new series below and here.

King has written each of the show’s eight episodes, which have been produced by J. J. Abrams and directed by Pablo Larraín.

King also revealed to Vanity Fair that the story is partly based on his own 50-year-marriage to author Tabitha King.


“Tabby is responsible for so much of what I have done, and she’s been so supportive of me over the years. It isn’t a love letter to her, because that would be a little bit embarrassing for me, and it would be horribly embarrassing for her. But certainly everything that I know in all my experience in marriage has been positive. And that’s in there.”

He continued: “In that sense, it’s autobiographical, but only in the sense that you take what you know as a framework and then build something that’s totally fictional on that.”

Earlier this year, King made a New Year’s Resolution to watch a new film from every year since 1961 across this year.

Updating fans as to his progress on Twitter yesterday (April 13), King reached 1988 on his journey this week, and watched the classic Hairspray, along with its 2007 remake.

Along with River’s Edge (1986) and Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987), King shared his thoughts on John Waters’ classic film. He wrote: “Both SPRAYS are great fun, the Waters maybe a little better, but Travolta was great as Edna Turnblad.”

Other recent movies King has watched include Risky Business (1983), 1984 (1984) and The Trip To Bountiful (1985), the first of which – starring Tom Cruise – King called “delightful”.