Here’s what Eleven will look like in ‘Stranger Things’ season 2

Netflix show will return at Halloween

The Stranger Things cast appear on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, with the front picture suggesting what they will look like in the show’s second season.

The hit Netflix series will return for season two at Halloween (October 31), with a teaser trailer released at the weekend during the Super Bowl (scroll below to watch).

On the EW cover, the three main friends (Mike, Dustin and Lucas) are joined by Will Byers (who went missing in the first season) and Millie Bobby Brown’s fan favourite Eleven, who sports a new haircut. Instead of her signature shaved head, Eleven is shown with curly hair. See below.


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The cast also speak about the impact of the show’s popularity. Brown says: “I went to Manila last year; there were people camping outside the hotel, crying, and literally hyperventilating. I was like, ‘Why do you like me so much? I’m just boring old Millie.”

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, added: “I always joke around with the Duffers [Brothers, creators], ‘Why couldn’t you make the first season just okay?’ It’s like how they never expected Barb to be a hit — they never expected the show to be as successful.”

Executive producer Shawn Levy says of the show’s return: “That is the new challenge of season 2: quieting the cultural noise that surrounds our show.”

Co-creator Ross Duffer adds: “It’s a balance of the comfort you’re familiar with but then trying to take it in new directions. That’s what we’re trying to strike with season 2.”


Watch the season two trailer below:

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