Here’s how Game Of Thrones fans reacted to ‘Eastwatch’

Jaime's fate was finally revealed...


Game Of Thrones have reacted with relief after last night’s episode finally revealed that Jaime Lannister didn’t perish when his fate was previously left hanging in the balance.

Last week’s episode saw Jaime face an uncertain fate after he was blasted by Daenyrys’ dragons and was last seen being knocked into a lake alongside Bronn.

But this week’s episode revealed that Bronn was able to pull him from the water, despite being heavily weighed down by his armour.

For many, it was time to let out a massive sigh of relief.

“Jaime is alive HOLY SHIT I WAS SO SCARED, no more weeping I’m fine”, one fan wrote.

Another said: “Thank fuck Bronn and Jaime are still alive”.

Check out a selection of reactions in full below.

The episode also saw a brief hint at Jon Snow’s parentage – which comes after fans began speculating about whether Rhaegar Targaryen is his father.

Despite dying before the events of the HBO show, Rhaegar plays a pretty significant role from beyond the grave, not least because he’s the brother of Daenyrys Targaryen, and quite possibly the father of Jon Snow.

But with fans expecting him to appear in some capacity during Season 7, they have begun speculating about the identity of the actor playing him – and all eyes are focused on British actor Wilf Scolding.