Here are the bookies’ odds on what will happen in the ‘Game Of Thrones’ finale

Who will take the Iron Throne?

Game of Thrones fans are placing a flurry of bets as the show’s finale draws closer, and it seems that the odds aren’t in everyone’s favour.

According to online bookmakers Paddy Power, Daenerys Targaryen’s fire-fuelled anger in the last episode means that she’s now the favourite to die – with less than favourable odds of 1/4.

She’s closely followed by Jon Snow, who has odds of 5/4 to die (again) and 4/7 to live. Tyrion Lannister is  6/4 to die, 1/2 to live, while Arya Stark is 5/2 to die, 1/4 to live, which means that her survival chances are the exact opposite of Dany’s.


But who will sit on the Iron Throne as the show draws to a closer? At the time of writing, Bran Stark is currently the favourite at 5/4, followed by his sister Sansa at 5/2 odds and Jon Snow at 4/1.

Further down the odds is Arya Stark at 6/1 and, unexpectedly, no one at all with 8/1 odds.

Whatever the ending may be, it seems that not all fans will be entirely on board. This week’s penultimate episode received the lowest audience ranking of the entire show, after Daenyrys Targaryen ordered Drogon to torch King’s Landing – resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Rotten Tomatoes ranking for the episode reveals a low rating of 49% – making it the lowest rated episode in the show’s history.

But fans won’t have too long to wait until they return to Westeros – a prequel is believed to already be in the works.