Here’s what’s in the Oscars 2023 goody bags

The 60-item "Everybody Wins" bag is valued at over £100,000

Some of the items set to feature in goody bags handed out at the Oscars 2023 have been revealed.

All the nominees in the four main acting categories as well as Best Director nominees at the 95th Academy Awards will all receive an unofficial goody bag organised by marketing company Distinctive Assets this weekend (March 12).

As reported by Forbes, the “Everybody Wins” goody bags will feature 60 items with a focus on luxury wellness promotion. The gifts are valued at around $126,000 (£106,000).


After the stress of the Oscars, the goody bag will include a three-night stay for eight people on a volcanic Italian island, a three-night stay in rural Ottawa and a plot of land in Australia, though size and location is currently unknown.

Leaning into the wellness, the bags will also include immunity booster shots, edible massage oil, a 100-calorie snack bar and a “mental health orb” to help regulate stress.

Liposuction, an executive hair restoration consultation and a facelift from a celebrity surgeon will also be given away alongside an $18 (£15) loaf of Japanese milk bread, hand-harvested organic dates, silk pillowcases and a selection of chocolates with a video message included in the box.

Sharing an image of the goody bag on Instagram, Distinctive Assets also confirmed that a neck pillow from PETA, a bottle of coconut water and an 18-karat gold bracelet would be part of the “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bag, which will be given out to 26 people.



According to the report, brands pay between $4,000 (£3,335) and $35,000 (£29,180) to secure a spot in the hamper. However there is no obligation for the recipient to accept, use or promote any of the contents.

Speaking about the giveaway, Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said : “I’ll get tweets sometimes like, ‘There’s a war going on. How are you giving out gift bags?’”

“This is a business for me—these companies are paying me to donate their product. And, for these brands, it’s not like the option is giving it to a celebrity or giving it to a homeless person. That’s just not the business model for most companies, unfortunately. It’s not necessarily the juxtaposition we’re talking about here.”

In other news, organisers behind the Oscars 2023 have revealed how the ceremony will address Will Smith slapping host Chris Rock at last year’s event.

“We’re going to acknowledge it, and then we’re gonna move on,” said executive producer Molly McNearney. “We don’t want to make this year about last year. It’s certainly something we can and will address in a comedic fashion.”

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