“He’s a dickhead!”: Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker praises “hilarious” Bradley Walsh

"You never can be too serious if you’ve got Bradders around".

Jodie Whittaker has praised Bradley Walsh, after working with the teatime TV titan on Doctor Who.

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The BBC series will return next month, with Whittaker making her full debut as the thirteenth doctor. However, she’ll now be joined by three intergalactic companions. Former Hollyoaks actress Mandip Gill will play Yasmin Khan and Tosin Cole will play Ryan Sinclair. Walsh, meanwhile, will play Graham O’Brien – after none other than Ray Winstone convinced him to return to acting.

“He’s just a massive dickhead!”, Whittaker joked when asked by NME what it’s like working with Walsh.

“He’s absolutely hilarious, but there’s so many moments where Brad would say something and he’s reduced the three of us to tears”, she added.

“Mandip and Tosin are also hilarious and it worked so well because we clicked into each other’s humour. The best thing is that all of us have a sense of humour, so we can take the piss out of each other. We are very lucky to be in those job and you never can be too serious if you’ve got Bradders around – he’s an absolute tit.”

Meanwhile, Doctor Who will return to our screens on October 7 – with Whittaker promising an “epic and cinematic” journey.

“I would say that this doctor is energetic and filled with child-like wonder. Very hopeful, and very determined”, Whittaker teased of her portrayal.

“And I think it has all the elements of everything you love about the doctor. The mercurial approach, but it is also a freedom to bring my instinct to it.”