Honey G responds to alleged use of ‘n-word’ during ‘X Factor’ live performance

Harrow rapper covered Kris Kross' 1992 hit 'Jump' on the ITV show

Honey G has denied that she used the n-word during her X Factor live performance at the weekend.

The 35-year-old white rapper from Harrow in North-West London – or “North Weezy” as she calls it – has been the major talking point of this year’s series, with some calling her act a problematic parody of hip-hop culture. The Guardian‘s Lola Okolosie recently argued that her performance on the show is “modern-day blackface”.

She covered Kris Kross’ 1992 hit ‘Jump’ on the ITV show at the weekend, with some fans taking to social media to accuse her of dropping the racially charged expletive during her performance. Watch in the clip below.

Honey G later tweeted a denial, saying that she had in fact said “flavour”. She wrote: “To be clear I did not use any offensive language. I sang the correct lyrics and said ‘kicking the flavour that makes you wanna jump’.” See that tweet below.

Watch Honey G’s full performance in the video below.

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Professor Green criticised Honey G recently, saying she is “taking the mickey out of rap”.

Responding to suggestions she is “mocking” black culture with her performances, Honey G previously told The Mirror: “This was probably one of the most ridiculous things I have seen so far. Any allegations of me being racist are completely false. All that stuff to do with me attacking black culture is utterly ridiculous.”

“I’ve never said anything racist or behaved in that way. Just because I’m pushing music from a black origin doesn’t mean I’m attacking black culture,” she continued. “I think people are discriminating against me. They are using the race card against me.”

“I feel like they are discriminating against me because I am white,” Honey G added. “It makes me question whether they have a problem with someone rapping who is white. I’m not the only white person in the world who likes black music. There’s no evidence, proof or truth that I am a racist.”

The controversial reality TV contestant has seen herself accused of being an actress by a member of Little Mix, while also receiving an offer of a duet from Snoop Dogg.