‘How I Met Your Mother’ star ridicules show for making “15 minute story” last nine years


Josh Radnor, star of sitcom How I Met Your Mother, has poked fun at the series running for almost a decade when its central premise was the equivalent of 15 minutes.

Radnor, who portrayed Ted Mosby in the Emmy Award-winning show, shared a photo of a DVD in a since-deleted Instagram post that has the words “How I Stretched A 15 Minute Story Into Nine [Fucking] Years” daubed across an image of the show’s characters.

Metro screen-shotted the picture (see here), which Radnor captioned with, “Well….yeah”, suggesting that he too thinks the series was a bit drawn out.


Fans of the show, which was broadcast from 2005-2014 on CBS in the US and E4 in the UK, were quick to acknowledge the joke. One user wrote: “Hahahaha that’s so true”, while another stated it was best time of their life. “The best nine years ever!!” they wrote. “I love How I Met Your Mother and I miss it so much!!”

‘How I Met Your Mother’, 2005. CREDIT: Allstar Picture Library Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo

In related news, earlier this year the show’s co-creator confirmed a fan theory about a relative of the show’s character, Lily. Craig Thomas revealed that a theory posed on Reddit – in which it’s thought that Lily’s repeatedly referenced famous relative is astronaut Buzz Aldrin – is true.

“Carter [Bays – co-creator] and I were lucky enough to write/shoot a few sketches with Buzz Aldrin when we wrote for Late Show with David Letterman… so we named Lily “Aldrin” in his honour! Then we said – wait, maybe we can imply she is related to him! And maybe we can book him for an ep!” Thomas said.