How old are the Roy siblings in ‘Succession’?

There’s some mystery around the family’s ages

Succession comes to an end with its fourth season.

Created by Jesse Armstrong, the HBO comedy-drama series follows the internal power struggle within the Roy family, the owners of media conglomerate Waystar Royco.

As concerns mount around the health of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox), his children Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) clash to position themselves as his worthy successor.

What are the ages of Connor, Kendall, Roman and Shiv?


Connor (Alan Ruck) is Logan’s oldest child, the only one born from his first marriage. While his age hasn’t been explicitly stated in the series, Ruck told The Guardian that the character is “in his fifties”. Ruck, meanwhile, is aged 66.

Kendall is the second-oldest and is the only sibling to have his age confirmed in the series. In the first two seasons, Kendall is aged 39, with the character celebrating his 40th birthday in season three episode Too Much Birthday. Strong, who plays Kendall, is 44. Kendall’s mother, Lady Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Walter), is also Roman and Shiv’s mum and was Logan’s second wife

Succession season 3
‘Succession’ season two. CREDIT: HBO

Roman is the youngest son but the second youngest sibling. His age hasn’t been confirmed but it’s estimated that he’s in his mid-thirties. In season one episode eight, Roman remarks that Kendall locked him in a dog cage when he was four years old, so it’s likely he’s just a few years younger than him. Culkin, who plays Roman, is aged 40.

Shiv is the youngest sibling, as confirmed by a Succession family tree video released by HBO. Logan also nicknames Shiv “Pinky” referring to the smallest finger, which could refer to her position as the youngest. It’s estimated she’s in her early-to-mid thirties. Snook, who plays Shiv, is aged 35.

How old is Logan Roy?

Logan Roy celebrates his 80th birthday in the pilot episode. In comparison, actor Brian Cox is aged 76.


Other cast members in the series include Nicholas Braun, Peter Friedman, Matthew Macfadyen and J. Smith-Cameron.

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