Huw Edwards’ silent BBC News At Ten dubbed the ‘best ever’

Presenter left sitting in silence after channel suffers a 'technical system crash'

The BBC broadcast four whole minutes of news presenter Huw Edwards sitting in silence when the BBC News channel suffered technical difficulties at the start of last night’s BBC News at Ten.

Tuesday night (June 20) saw the Beeb suffer from a “technical system crash” seconds before the nightly news programme was about to begin. While BBC 1 showed a standby message, BBC News aired four minutes of Edwards frowning, doodling on a piece of paper and generally sitting quietly.

When the problem was eventually fixed, Edwards apologised for what he called a “few technical problems”. Scroll below for video.

Edwards later told Radio 4’s The Media Show that he “sensed I might be” on air and that’s why he took “the most conservative approach possible” in sitting in silence.

“It has never happened before,” he said. “No matter how experienced you are, and I have been presenting for 25 years, its a very unusual set of circumstances”.

The BBC’s news editor Paul Royall later tweeted, praising Edwards for doing a “great job” in the circumstances.

Watch the incident in the clip beneath:

Viewers have since tweeted of the situation, describing the incident as the “best ever” News At Ten and “kinda absorbing, like a lava lamp”. One Twitter user wrote: “That sight of Huw Edwards looking worried before BBC News went off. That’s how I imagine the world would end.”

Edwards later tweeted a photo of a can of Welsh ale, writing: “I think I’m going to enjoy this little beauty after that”.