Idris Elba says terrifying ‘Luther’ scene drew complaints from bed manufacturers

Elba apologises for an especially frightening episode in the show's last series

Idris Elba has revealed that a scene from the last series of Luther was so frightening, it drew complaints from bed manufacturers.

The first episode of Luther‘s third series, which aired in July 2013, featured a terrifying masked killer lying in wait for his victim in the space beneath her bed.

“A lot of people said that they wouldn’t watch Luther again. And I think a few bed companies complained, like ‘we can’t sell beds with a gap underneath it’,” Elba told the BBC.

Elba will return as John Luther in the show’s upcoming two-part special, which begins on BBC One on December 15. “We try to keep it exhilarating and keep people on the edge of their seats. It’s very big TV. For us it feels like a film and that’s what we want,” Elba said of the popular police drama.

“We want people to go ‘ooh, aargh, I don’t know what’s going to happen next’. That’s part of the DNA. But I am sorry to those who got scared, I didn’t mean that to happen,” he added.

Elba’s co-stars in the upcoming two-part special include Game Of Thrones actors Rose Leslie and Patrick Malahide, Fortitude‘s Darren Boyd, The Inbetweeners Movie actress Laura Haddock and Ripper Street‘s John Heffernan.

Meanwhile, Michael Smiley and Dermot Crowley have reprised their roles as Benny Silver and DSU Martin Schenk, though Ruth Wilson is not expected to return as Alice Morgan. Watch a trailer for the special below.