‘In Solitary’ viewers rib George Lamb after he fails to last 24 hours in solitary confinement

"It felt like a punishment".

Channel 5 viewers have ribbed presenter George Lamb after he failed to last 24 hours in solitary confinement as part of a new show.

In Solitary sees participants being incarcerated in solitary confinement in an attempt to determine whether they can last five days in the small space.

In an extra twist, Lamb took part in the challenge too – and bailed after spending less than 24 hours after he first entered.

During the episode, he openly admitted that the challenge felt like a “punishment” and described his shock upon revealing that he would only be allowed one cup of tea every day.

“It was kind of unrelenting, It just felt really constricting. Very quickly it became very difficult for me. It felt like a punishment”, he later admitted.

But his lack of commitment to the challenge was roundly mocked by viewers – with one labelling him a “lightweight”.

Another said: “I’d have just slept for a whole 5 days and you bailed after less than 1! Wasted opportunity man.”

“Not even a day on his own show? Bit embarrassing the show needs a presenter with bigger balls”, one viewer added.

Others, however, were full of praise for his effort.

“Great to see @georgemlamb back on tv. Wish I’d known about #InSolitary 5 days is a long time but I’d have loved to have a go at that”, another viewer added.