Indulge in spooky ‘Stranger Things’ sounds at Halloween with this new pumpkin vinyl

A must-have for parties later this month

Creepy sounds from Stranger Things are being released on special pumpkin-coloured vinyl this Halloween. Check out the tracklist below.

While the third instalment of the hit Netflix series has been delayed until 2019, fans will be able to bring the Upside Down to their own homes this spooky season.

‘Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down’ features 14 ominous, synthy tracks on pumpkin-themed wax. ”Hide some speakers in your bushes, play this record, and scare those trick or treaters,” advise S U R V I V E, who are behind the show’s atmospheric score.

Track titles include ‘Turn On The Lights’, ‘Shadow In The Tunnel’, ‘Tree Slime’ and ‘Turn Right & Run’. The pieces are taken from Season 2’s “brooding, darker atmospheric score”.

Released via Lakeshore Records/Invada Records outside North America, the vinyl is set to drop around October 26. It was previously only available as an iTunes bonus download. Find more details here.

The full tracklist is as follows:

Side A
01. Turn On The Lights
02. Sick Of Cow
03. Power Maintenance
04. Roars From The Lab
05. Mercy
06. Shadow In The Tunnel
07. Do You Accept The Risk?
08. Tree Slime
09. Entering The Cellar

Side B
10. A Familiar Shape
11. The Spy
12. Turn Right & Run
13. They Hurt Me
14. Possessed

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Stranger Things Season 3 is expected to be released in Summer 2019.