Is a ‘Peaky Blinders’ movie on the way?

Are the Shelby boys heading to the pictures?

A big screen adaptation of Peaky Blinders is “being written”, one of the show’s directors has claimed.

Although already a huge hit on the small screen, creator Steven Knight previously stated his interest in adapting the show for both a musical and a big screen take on the exploits of the notorious Shelby gang.

But as filming continues on the show’s fifth season, director Otto Bathurst says a big screen adaptation is being crafted too.


“I think it’s actually being written”, Bathurst admitted in a new interview with Yahoo Movies.

“I think Steve, Steve Knight the writer, I think they’re planning something, yeah,” he said.

'Peaky Blinders' season four
‘Peaky Blinders’

In 2016, lead star Cillian Murphy also revealed that showrunner Steve Knight was considering a movie – but he was unsure on the idea.

“I’m sort of ambivalent about it. I’m sort of like, ‘Eh, yeah, I don’t know, I’m not sure'”, he said.

“I love the idea sort of theoretically, but it has to come at the right time, you know? You can’t alienate the beautiful democratic thing of television where everyone just watches it.”


Elsewhere, Peaky Blinders fans threatened legal action last month after they attended an unofficial Birmingham festival based on the show. The event, which took place in Digbeth between September 29 and 30, had promised fans the chance to be immersed in the TV show’s world with Victorian-inspired street food, a vintage fairground, historical talks and more.

But it almost turned out to be as perilous as the show itself, with some complaining of “overcrowded conditions and no security measures”.