Is former Timelord Matt Smith returning to ‘Doctor Who’?

Fresh regeneration rumours have been sparked by a recent newspaper report

Doctor Who fans are speculating that Matt Smith could be plotting a return as the Timelord after a somewhat tenuous newspaper report sparked fresh egeneration rumours.

Smith succeeded David Tennant to become the eleventh Doctor in 2010, and played the iconic role for 44 episodes until the show’s 2013 Christmas special. He was then replaced by Peter Capaldi, who is due to return for the next run of Doctor Who episodes in 2017.

In a recent article, The Mirror quotes Smith as saying in an interview last year, “They will ask me back one day, won’t they?” The newspaper also reports that Smith said in April of this year that he “really wants to” return to the show.

Meanwhile, showrunner Steven Moffat is quoted as saying that Smith is “quite open about how much he misses it, and how much he wishes he hadn’t left,” which is obviously rather different from hinting that the actor is coming back to the show.

In more concrete Doctor Who news, the Timelord’s new companion, Pearl Mackie, said earlier this year that she hopes her character, who is named Bill, “gets to have a bit of fun, go on some exciting adventures – and bring[s] a bit of attitude into the TARDIS, maybe.”