Is ‘Game Of Thrones’ bringing back a classic villain in season seven?

Though dead, the character could appear in season seven in a flashback sequence.

Fans are speculating that a classic villain could be returning for Game Of Thrones season 7.

Fan community Watchers on the Wall has spotted that the agency which represents actor David Bradley has updated his CV to include season seven of Game Of Thrones.

Bradley previously appeared in seasons one, three and six as the villainous Walder Frey, who helped to decimate the Stark clan at the Red Wedding before being slain at the end of season six by Arya Stark.

Though dead, his character could appear in season seven in some kind of flashback sequence, fans are now suggesting.

Maisie Williams teases Game Of Thrones finale


Season seven is set to premiere on HBO and Sky Atlantic later than in previous years. It will also feature just seven episodes instead of the usual 10.

Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams recently spoke about the season seven finale, telling BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw that “people should be very, very excited”.

Season eight, which will follow in 2018, is widely expected to be six episodes long. However, HBO’s programming president has recently hinted that more episodes than originally anticipated could be on the way.

Fans have also been speculating that season seven could feature extra-long episodes. However, the show’s producers have yet to say anything official about the length of episodes in season seven.