ITV to ditch ‘The X Factor?’

Bosses fearful they're 'too reliant' on Simon Cowell's talent show behemoth

ITV are reportedly considering scrapping The X Factor and replacing it with a new “big event show”.

According to the Daily Star, TV bosses are fearful that they’ve become “too reliant” on the programme and are keen to find another concept which could become as popular as Simon Cowell’s talent show behemoth.

In March of this year, it was reported that Cowell was contemplating axing the show as a result of a dip in its ratings and criticism for its new judging panel.

Now, a supposedly senior source at ITV has revealed: “Every television network is always looking for the next big thing. They’d be crazy not to. X Factor has had a brilliant run, but no show lasts for ever.”

They added:

Over the past few years Simon Cowell has been the main source for many of our top hits but some feel we’ve got too many eggs in one basket and we’ve become too reliant on one man.

ITV entertainment chief Elaine Bedell, however, said that they had not yet been pitched a concept that they were comfortable splashing the cash on. “We’re not getting enough ideas put forward,” she said. “The ideas need to have the production values of The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and I’m A Celebrity and they need a major piece of talent. We get very few pitches for big event shows. They’re risky to commission.”

Auditions are currently taking place for the new series of The X Factor, with singer Nicole Scherzinger joining the judging panel after replacing former Destiny Child’s star Kelly Rowland.