Ja’mie King from ‘Summer Heights High’ to star in own six-part BBC3 series

Chris Lilley's teen queen will return in 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl' later this year

Chris Lilley is bringing back Ja’mie King from Summer Heights High for her own six-part TV series. Watch a teaser clip below.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl will follow Lilley’s manipulative teen queen during her final year at Hilford Girls Grammar – the posh private school she attended before being sent to Summer Heights High as an exchange student. The six 30-minute episodes will air in the UK on BBC Three later this year.

Lilley said in a statement: “I find teenage girls endlessly funny. So being able to write for and play the meanest bitch in school has been so fun. I can’t wait to show everyone what Ja’mie’s been up to.” He also celebrated King’s return on Twitter yesterday (September 8):

Lilley created Ja’mie King for his 2005 Australian series We Can Be Heroes but the character was introduced to British viewers in his follow-up show Summer Heights High, which aired on BBC Three in 2008.

“I’m delighted that BBC Three’s relationship with Chris Lilley and his wonderful comedy creations continues,” the channel’s controller Zai Bennett said. “Ja’mie certainly made an impact with our viewers when she first appeared on the channel five years ago and I have no doubt she’ll provoke a great reaction in this new series all of her very own.”

During her time at Summer Heights High, some of King’s words of wisdom included “Just because I’m rich, doesn’t mean I’m a bitch”, “There’s so many fat chicks in this school” and “I think a lot of public school people are dumb. I think that it’s not really their fault. That’s the thing. It comes from their parents.”