Jack Coleman to return to ‘Heroes’ as Noah Bennet

'H.R.G.' is the first cast member confirmed for 'Heroes: Reborn'

Actor Jack Coleman is set to return to sci-fi drama Heroes when it returns to screens in 2015.

As previously reported, Heroes: Reborn will begin filming this year and will air on US TV in 2015. A message on the programme’s official Facebook page announced the return of Coleman as Noah Bennet. Bennet was also known as H.R.G. (Horn Rimmed Glasses) after his choice in spectacles.

The original series of Heroes launched in 2006 but was cancelled after four seasons and was about a group of unrelated individuals from around the globe who discover they have superhuman powers. It starred Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto, both of whom are also rumoured to be returning. No official confirmation of cast members beyond Coleman have yet to be announced.

The new series will be about a new set of characters but NBC president, Jennifer Salke, who announced the programme’s comeback to the channel, said “we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in”.

You can watch a trailer announcing Heroes: Reborn below.