Jack White says ‘Black Mirror’ is ‘like I wrote it’

The musician is famously not a fan of modern technologies

Jack White has discussed his views on Black Mirror, saying it is “like [he] wrote it”.

The musician, who releases his latest solo album ‘Boarding House Reach‘ tomorrow (March 23), is renowned for his dislike of modern technologies. In the past, he has called them a “big destroyer of emotion and truth”, while recently he announced shows that would require fans to lock their phones in pouches before going into the gig.

Speaking to Alt 98.7 FM, White was asked for his thoughts on the hit show. After joking “It’s like I wrote it,” he added: “It’s a beautiful, beautiful creation. Whoever is a part of that – all the creators just did something brilliant. It’s incredible.”

Clarifying his earlier comment, he said: “If I had actually have wrote it, it wouldn’t be brilliant. It would be annoying.”

Yesterday (March 21), White shared another new track from ‘Boarding House Reach’ in ‘Ice Station Zebra’. The song was originally written a few years ago during scrapped album sessions with Jay-Z.

“A couple years ago I had worked on a few tracks with Jay Z — we were going to do an album together, it just never culminated and we didn’t finish,” White recently explained. “But this was something I played drums, piano guitar, and bass on as an idea for him to maybe spur him on to inspire him and do something.”