Jaden Smith says he’s the ‘new Carlton’ and could recreate a ‘Fresh Prince’ episode one day

But the actor and rapper said "no one really wants to see" a full remake of the show

Jaden Smith has called himself the “new Carlton” and said he could recreate a Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air episode one day.

The actor and rapper, who is the son of Fresh Prince star Will Smith, appears in forthcoming skateboarding movie, Skate Kitchen.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Smith said of a Fresh Prince reboot: “No one really wants to see that. And if they did, I would [make it]. But they don’t. And as much as they convince themselves, people make it very clear they want it and then counterculture makes it clear that they don’t.”

He continued to say that didn’t mean he would rule out working on any projects linked to the TV series entirely. “So the only thing I would fathom thinking about doing is playing the voice of a character in an animated Fresh Prince series, and then one day in my life I will recreate an episode of the Fresh Prince just on my own,” he said. “Just a one-off for fun. I’m like the new Carlton.”

Earlier this year, Smith became the first artist to release an album through Instagram. To celebrate his 20th birthday, the star shared an updated version of his 2017 album ‘Syre’, now titled ‘Syre: The Electric Album’, on the social media site.

In a three-star review of the original ‘Syre’ record, NME said: “To expect anything other than overblown big-sky thinking from Smith would be like asking Coldplay to stop being so sentimental. ‘Syre’ packs in genuine talent and the occasional eureka moment. The record isn’t weighed down by its ideas – it could just do with a filter, a producer with more sway, or even someone in the process to say: ‘Actually Jaden, mate – most trees are green.'”