James Corden jokes that Donald Trump is “guilty as sin” amid arrest claims

"I like that even Trump’s going, ‘I don’t need to wait until this is over to know that I’m guilty, man. I’m guilty as sin'”

James Corden poked fun at Donald Trump on The Late Late Show – claiming that he is “guilty as sin” after the former president declared that he was going go be arrested.

Trump is facing criminal charges in Manhattan related to an investigation into a $130,000 (£106,000) payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, reports BBC News.

Over the weekend, Trump announced on Truth Social that he would be arrested on “Tuesday of next week,” without revealing further context on why the arrest would take place.


Speaking on his talk show, Corden jokingly said: “You know it’s bad when a former president announces that he’s going to be arrested and the general response is: ‘For which crime’?

“So if you’re keeping track, that’s two times Stormy Daniels has screwed Donald Trump.”   

New York City has reportedly been bracing for a violent protest similar to the January 6 ‘insurrection’ riots, after Trump told his supporters to “take our nation back.”

“Of course Trump is going to urge his supporters to protest in New York,” Corden continued. “Like what else is he going to urge them to do?. He’d be like, ‘Oh, go see Ben Platt in Parade. It just opened to magnificent reviews on Broadway!’”

Former US President Donald Trump
Former US President Donald Trump speaks during an event at his Mar-a-Lago home on November 15, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. CREDIT: Joe Raedle/Getty Images


Corden said that Trump pulled “Tuesday out of thin air” since the grand jury hasn’t decided his legal fate yet. Recent reports indicate that the public should know more about his trial this week.

Corden added: “I like that even Trump’s going, ‘I don’t need to wait until this is over to know that I’m guilty, man. I’m guilty as sin,’. Got to be something bigger going on here. Is Tuesday Melania’s birthday? Is that what it is?”

Meanwhile, Ted Nugent has urged supporters of Donald Trump to “remain peaceful” if the former President is arrested.

Nugent is a controversial US singer-songwriter and activist – who is an avid Trump supporter – who told his viewers to “stand strong” and “remain peaceful” no matter the outcome.

In other news, Corden revealed that Paul McCartney turned down Carpool Karaoke numerous times due to having “cold feet.”

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