Watch James Corden, Kyle MacLachlan and Judi Dench star in ‘Twin Peaks’ spoof sketch

The segment aired on the Corden-hosted 'The Late Late Show' in the US last night (September 21)

James Corden, Kyle MacLachlan and Judi Dench have all starred in a Twin Peaks-themed sketch set in a recreation of the cult show’s famous Red Room – watch the segment below.

The sketch aired on Corden’s Late Late Show in the US last night (September 21) with the chat show faithfully re-creating the iconic set from the famous scene, which originally featured in the first season of David Lynch’s television creation back in 1990.

Opening with Corden checking in on Twin Peaks star MacLachlan pre-show, the host then proceeds to have trouble holding a conversation with the actor as he is speaking backwards – just like in the dream sequence scene with MacLachlan’s character Agent Cooper.

Dench then joins proceedings, but Corden has little luck in conversing with her as she too is speaking backwards. Watch the sketch below.

Meanwhile, Lynch recently revealed why David Bowie wanted to have his voice dubbed in the late artist’s posthumous cameo in the new season of Twin Peaks.

The music icon originally appeared as FBI Agent Philip Jeffries in the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Bowie had been in talks with creator Lynch about reprising the role before his death in January 2016, with Lynch eventually using footage from his original appearance.