James Corden raps ‘Late Late Show’ monologue to Mark Ronson beats – watch

'Uptown Funk' producer goads Corden into showing off his rap skills on US chat show

James Corden rapped his opening monologue on The Late Late Show last night (April 21) to beats supplied by Mark Ronson.

The ‘Uptown Funk’ producer was appearing as a guest on Corden’s US chat show yesterday when he took issue with one of the host’s recent opening monologues, which featured Frozen actor Josh Gad and a song from Disney’s movie musical.

“I saw you on the show the other night with Josh Gad. I don’t think you should be singing Frozen monologues, man, you’re from the streets,” Ronson told Corden. “You’re forgetting where you’re from, man.”

Though Corden protested, saying he actually comes from “a lane”, Ronson managed to goad him into performing a more “street” opening monologue by joining him on set and laying down an old-school hip-hop beat for Corden to spit rhymes over.

“A group of prostitute’s supporting Hillary’s election,” Corden began, with Ronson behind him. “They used to just support her husband Bill’s erection…” Watch Corden’s full Ronson-assisted opening monologue rap below.