James Corden reveals Carpool Karaoke wishlist

Corden's after more A-listers for his tuneful taxi trips

James Corden has made a star-studded wishlist for his popular Carpool Karaoke segment, naming a number of stars he’d like to feature in his popular Late Late Show slot.

Corden told Entertainment Weekly about his wishlist for the slot, which has previously featured the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Coldplay‘s Chris Martin and Stevie Wonder.

“We’ve got a couple of Carpools lined up which I hope people will like,” Corden said. “We want everybody to come and do our show, but of course [we’d love to have] Beyonce, Prince, [and] Bruno Mars.”


He also added “I really want to do one with Sam Smith. I feel like I’ve got some really good harmonies [already] worked out for his songs.”

Watch Adele do Carpool Karaoke via YouTube, below:

Corden also revealed that it was hard to get anyone to do the Carpool Karaoke segment before Mariah Carey did it, and that Stevie Wonder initially offered a strict hour, but enjoyed the experience so much he continued for two and a half hours of filming.

“We just shot for two-and-a-half hours because he just kept saying, ‘I’m having a great time, let’s do another one!’” Corden explained.

It was rumoured only a few days ago that Corden and producer Ben Winston may be looking to sell the Carpool Karaoke concept as a separate, stand-alone TV series.


The Hollywood Reporter states that Corden and producer Ben Winston are talking to network executives about the idea, though Corden would not present the show.

He is expected to produce and make occasional guest appearances should it make it to screen, with a host to be decided after it is picked up.