James Corden speaks out on past ‘homophobic’ ‘Horne & Corden’ sketch accusations

"I don't think we would do it now"

James Corden has spoken out on accusations that a sketch from Horne & Corden show was homophobic.

When it first aired back in 2009, the show by Corden with his Gavin & Stacey co-star Mathew Horne came under fire from the LGBTQ community for its depiction of character Tim Goodall – a camp news TV anchor. It caused offence, with many claiming that it leaned heavily on stereotypes.

Now however, the Late Late Show and Carpool Karaoke host has told Attitude that he “can’t imagine we would do that sketch today.”

“I think you could keep the strand of the idea, which was, at that point on television there was Graham Norton, Dale Winton and Alan Carr, and the idea was, if there was a war correspondent who happened to be a flamboyant gay man, what would happen?,” said Corden.

“I don’t think we would do it now; we’d try to find a cleverer way of doing it.”

Speaking of the outrage it caused, Corden continued: “Being offended is as particular to you as being hungry or having a pain in your leg,” Corden continued. “It doesn’t mean you take offence and go, ‘Well, I’m offended and everyone else should be’.

“My intention is never to cause offence but there’ll be people who are offended by Sam Smith talking about his potential wedding. There will be people who will take offence with that. I disagree with them, but I respect anybody’s right to be offended.”

Mathew Horne (right) and James Corden present on stage, during the BRIT Awards, at Earls Court, central London, SW5.

This comes after Horne also shot down accusations of homophobia back in 2010.

“I don’t care what they said, because largely it was nothing to do with the show, it was just to do with me and James being around too much and people starting to hate us, which I get, it’s a bit of over-exposure and what have you,” he told Gay Times.

“But to accuse that character of being homophobic, that really got me, because it was annoying that that was the beginning of the backlash. And it was completely unfounded and untrue. He was such a warm and likeable character, I mean, there are gay stereotypes everywhere, they’re stereotypes for a reason.”

Corden meanwhile, voices the titular character in the new Peter Rabbit movie.