James Franco to star in his own arty reality show

Titled 'James Franco Presents', it will debut on US cable network Ovation this November (2013)

James Franco is to appear in his own art-focused reality TV series.

Ten hour-long episodes of James Franco Presents have been commissioned by US cable network Ovation and the series will debut this November.

Explaining its premise, Ovation’s chief creative officer Robert Weiss told Variety: “The show sees the word of art through James’ eyes. All the different exploits that James is involved in, this show encompasses.”

The series, Variety reports, will allow Franco to highlight trends in the art world and shine a spotlight on up-and-coming talents. He’ll also offer glimpses of his own artistic pursuits including exhibitions, experimental short films and teaching classes at the University of South California. On top of all this, Franco will allow cameras to follow him in other areas of his professional life.

Before James Franco Presents was officially announced, the actor teased the series in typically Franco-esque fashion – by editing a Van Gogh self-portrait to feature his own face and posting the result on Instagram. Meanwhile, on September 2, James Franco is to be roasted on Comedy Central.